Buy a ski scarf for men online

Three ski scarves catering to different markets and needs, but all notable for their warmth, versatility and good fashion sense.

Arctic Fox Fleece Scarf - £9.71

Available at the amazing bargain price of just £9.71 direct from the Arctic Fox website at arcticfoxuk.com, this fleece ski scarf can be purchased in a wide variety of colours including black, grey, red, blue, purple, pink, brown, gold, cream, green and many more - enough to suit all fashion tastes and sensibilities. With a width of 11.5 inches, the scarf is bulky enough to keep all of your neck well covered. There are several scarves available for purchase on the Arctic Fox site, but the product code for this particular option is PF4.

Mountain Warehouse Fleece Scarf - £10.99

Available in berry, black and purple, this unisex fleece ski scarf is ideal both for winter sports and for fashionable winter dress. Machine washable, it is specially designed to dry quickly - ideal in a snowy skiing environment. 170cm long and 25cm wide, the scarf has enough material to wrap around your neck two times, guaranteeing warmth in the harshest temperatures. Purchase it directly from Mountain Warehouse (mountainwarehouse.com) for £10.99, and get two for the price of one! The product code is 013615.

Gant Rugger Ski Scarf - $175

The really high end option, this 88 inches long Gant Rugger ski scarf comes with a quaint cute snowflake design, and an always fashionable shade of grey which will go well with anything in your wardrobe - whether you're going skiing or not. It is made from 85% sheep wool and 15% alpaca wool - and you will really notice the difference of this extra special 15%, which is the secret of the scarf's cosiness. Buy it from the prestigious Park and Bond online shop (parkandbond.com) for the decent price of $175, or roughly £110.

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