Ski pants for men in the UK - the top manufacturers

Now is a good time to start preparing for the upcoming ski season. The following are some of the top manufacturers of ski pants for men in the UK.

North Face

North Face has over 40 years experience in manufacturing high quality ski and snow clothing and accessories. They provide over 30 different types of ski pants for men. Among their best sellers are Freedom insulated pants that are free fitting, durable and waterproof and have highly efficient insulation. They also offer plenty of flexibility. These pants cost around £70.


Columbia is one of the largest sellers of ski apparel and ski pants for men in the world. All pants are designed using advanced heating technology to provide essential warmth. They are also designed to prevent overheating and allow for maximum movement. Their flagship store in the UK is located on Kensington High Street in London.


Burton was set up in 1977 and manufactures and sells snowboards, boots, clothing and accessories. It is the largest ski wear brand in the world. All ski pants are waterproof and windproof. They are designed to keep you warm and dry while at the same time being flexible. Burton ski wear is available in most outdoor retailers including Snow and Rock and Ellis Brigham.


Trespass was founded in 1984 in Scotland. They design outdoor clothing and ski pants to be used in the toughest of weather conditions. They provide a variety of ski pants for men. All pants have an inner lining and are waterproof and windproof. Prices range from £50 for standard pants to around £140 for top of the range items. Trespass has over 75 stores located throughout the UK.

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