Ski pants in brown - winter time is here!

Ski pants brown, black, grey and even cream are all going to be prevalent in your local high street stores as these are the colours that are on trend for winter. Leggings are also popping up everywhere but ski pants may be a better option if you're really active and need your outfit to stay in place! Ski pants are generally close fitting so they're ideal for teaming with chunky knits or loose fitting smock style tops. Winter means boots and ski pants are the perfect way to be fashionable, comfortable and warm!

While those kind of ski pants are suitable for every day wear and can be dressed up for evening, there is a whole other type of ski pants which you'll be bringing away on your winter holidays! These ski pants vary in price as there are many different brands and styles that you can choose from. A good place to start looking is on eBay where you can buy either new or pre owned ski pants which means you control how much you spend.

Currently you can expect to pay £74.99 for brown Oakley ski pants which may seem quite a lot but isn't if you consider that the recommended retail price of these is actually £159.  if you're looking for something more recession friendly then you can also opt for a pair or snowboarding/ ski trousers in a size 12 for only £29.99! The "buy it now" option means that the price displayed is the price that you pay, excluding related delivery charges, but if you're entering into an auction then the price may end up being higher than you had anticipated.

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