What are the reliable brands of ski outerwear to buy this season?

In a few words, there are plenty of ski outerwear brands available in the market today. Each brand is competing for the lion's share incorporating stylish designs with a high degree of functionality in clothes that people can wear on and off the slopes. Most of the brands offer this combination so there is not much to worry in terms of getting a pair that will gather cobwebs in your closet.

Here is a rundown of hot brands of ski outerwear.

North Face has been in existence for over 40 years now and continues to be popular because of the versatility in styles and advanced technology used in their jackets. For hard skiers and mountaineers, it has its exclusive 5-point jacket with compatible helmet hood and pit zips. It is waterproof and has good ventilation.

Helly Hansen offers various styles and designs of ski clothing for both men and women. Using their 'Helly Tech Professional 3 ply laminate' patent on their jackets, this application essentially seals the heat in and the moisture out. Check out the home of Helly Hansen (hellyhansen.com) where you can get an Odin Guiding Light Jacket for £400.

The Eider name has loads of solid jackets from the Ladies Solden Jacket for £369.90 to the Men's Kirkwood Jacket for £299.90. Take the Women's Alagna Jacket for £349.99 that's built using a 'Defender stretch weave' for a tapered fit. It uses the 'Thermal Control System' for effective yet lightweight insulation.

Schoffel jackets are known for their classic slim fit, insulation and waterproof qualities. The Granite Ladies Jacket in black or bright rose costs £288. It has a Gore-Tex reinforced shell with over 28000 mm water pressure resistance.

Spyder jackets are not cheap with an Alta Mens Jacket selling for £500 a piece at Ski Plus (ski-plus.co.uk). Featuring a '4 way stretch fabric', it is completely waterproof (20000 mm) and is coated with the Spylon 'membrane finish' making it waterproof.

Arc'Teryx has some of the warmest ski jackets. Check out Arc'Teryx (arcteryx.com) for their range of ski outwear. An Atom SV Hoody will cost you around €220 while a smart, black Firee Jacket is priced at €300.

Karbon Mountain Wear is available through Sierra Trading Post (sierratradingpost.com) with an Opal Ski Jacket selling for £145. Its 'Karbonite' shell is guaranteed to keep the water out and the warmth in.

While there are lots of reputable brands for ski outerwear, selecting one is highly dependent on your chosen activity and its frequency. If you're living in the mountains or is an avid mountaineer, investing in a quality jacket is all well worth the price.

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