Features of the Best Ski Jackets in London

People who enjoy skiing need to know the features of the best ski jackets in London. The best ski jackets will be waterproof, keep you warm and fit comfortably to your body. A ski jacket is just one of the many pieces of apparel when people go skiing. Manufacturers of ski jackets in London create ski jackets that are not only water-resistant, but also wind-resistant. Additionally, ski jackets made by London manufacturers are typically created using nylon, silk, taffeta and cotton. Learn about the best ski jackets in London retail outlets that you can use on your next ski trip.

Snow Rock

Snow Rock has over 21 retail outlets throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. Consumers can purchase the Mountain Equipment Men's Changabang ski jacket for £330 from Snow Rock. The jacket comes in a variety of sizes including large, small, extra large and extra small. This jacket is lightweight and allows for great flexibility. The Changabang ski jacket has 3 layers of GORE-TEX fabric. This jacket also includes a hood which can be removed. There are 2 chest pockets and a ski pass pocket. The cuffs are adjustable to tighten and loosen by way of draw cords. Another ski jacket is the Roxy Women's Captivate jacket. These ski jackets from this London outlet has a fixed storm hood, pockets for your goggles, vents underneath the underarms and a pocket to place your MP3 player. Additional features include an attachment feature that will snap the jacket to your ski pants. Pricing for this jacket is £60.00 which is a price reduction from the original £120.

Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse has over 120 stores throughout the United Kingdom. This retailer was founded in 1997. Mountain Warehouse features ski jackets in London where consumers can receive up to 85 percent off of merchandise. Consumers can purchase the Venus Women's ski jacket for £14.99. This ski jacket is insulated with fleece. It has a detachable snow skirt and draw cord at the hem. The jacket comes in the colors black and purple. The jacket features a variety of pockets for a persons MP3 player, ski goggles and ski pass. For men, buyers can get the Yunkie Graphic Men's ski jacket. This jacket is affordably priced at £44.99. This jacket is made using waterproof fabric. It also features underarm ventilation which helps you to reduce the sweat and overheating inside the jacket. The jacket is also insulated with fleece for extra comfort. There are pockets for your mobile phone, MP3 player and goggles.


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