Where to find ski jackets that are cheap

There are several approaches to finding ski jackets that are cheap. Often the easiest way is to simply buy them out of season, when shops are desperate to shed their remaining stock in order to make way for summer clothes. If you've planned far enough in advance to do that then you should be able to get a good deal from almost any retailer that sells ski jackets, particularly places like Debenhams that don't specialise in ski gear and so are even more eager to get rid of it. The downside to this of course is that there's usually less selection, as you're left with what didn't sell the previous season.

If you want to buy cheap ski jackets during ski season then your options are more limited, but it is still perfectly possible to find a bargain. Many shops actually make it a focus of their business to sell ski jackets cheap, using the discount prices as a selling point to help them compete with more major stores.

Skimania.co.uk is one such shop, with heavily discounted prices on all of their ski jackets all year round. Their jackets are brand name, and while they aren't always the latest range there's a good selection of them so it should still be easy to find one that's right for you. Prices range from roughly £40 to £300 depending on the quality and the brand of the jacket, but even their most expensive clothes are substantially cheaper than the RRP.

TK Maxx also sell a large number of ski jackets over the course of the winter, and as with most things in TK Maxx their prices are generally quite low, with discounts in some cases of nearly 80%. Another advantage of shopping with TK Maxx is that they have both a website and high street stores, so whether you'd rather buy online from the comfort of your own home or actually go and try the stuff on they've got you covered. To see their full range or find the nearest store, go to tkmaxx.com.

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