Choosing the right ski ing clothes

Choosing the right skiing clothes is an important decision. There is a wide variety of ski wear on the market for both adults and children.

For those who ski regularly, consideration needs to be given to purchasing ski wear that will withstand heavy use.

For the novice or infrequent skier then you may decide to only buy budget ski wear initially so you can see if the sport suits you.

The right skiing clothes do not have to be boring. By shopping around you will find a whole range of skiing clothes on the market for the fashion victims among you. Ski clothing comes in a variety of fabrics and colours and styles.

www.snowandrock.com sell all types of ski clothing and accessories both online and in stores across the uk.

www.harrods.com/sport sell top-end of the market womens and mens ski wear. You will find items such as ladies Armani ski trousers and Harrods own brand padded gilets and jackets.

All in one snow suits are a good choice as they will keep you dry all over. They come with detatchable hoods and a fleece lining. Most will have an inner elasticated lining around the ankles and wrists to keep the snow and wet out. Snow suits are usually made from waterproof polyester and come in a variety of colours.

Another alternative is to buy a separate jacket and trousers. Ski trousers are made from either waterproof polyester or neoprene. The advantage of having a jacket and trousers is that you can wear them seperately.

Overall choosing the right ski ing clothes will result in you being dry and warm when out on the slopes.



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