Buying ski hats for women

Buying a ski hat comes down to four things for most people: price, suitability, quality and appearance. With that in mind here are some suggestions that should tick all of those boxes.

Dakine make a full range of well designed, stylish ski hats for women. One such hat is the 'Vera', a light blue knitted hat which is double lined for warmth and insulation. It can also be worn in two different ways, either slouchy or cuffed, to create two quite different looks. It is currently available for £18.99 from twoseasons.co.uk

The 'Dotty' is another knitted hat made by Dakine, and again it is knitted. This one though has a more distinctive design, with flowers and stripes knitted in. It also has a full fleece lining for warmth and comfort, and ear flaps for even more warmth and protection from the elements. This hat is currently on sale for £18.20 from twoseason.co.uk.

For an even warmer and cosier hat, consider the brown fur trapper hat available from amazon.co.uk. The thick fur will keep your head warm in even the coldest conditions, and it has ear flaps to help prevent heat loss from your extremities. On top of that it is also fashionable and luxuriously soft, and it's well priced too, as it currently costs just £9.99.

As a final suggestion, the 'Nepal Hand Made Purple Peruvian Fleece Lined Hat' is a bit of a mouthful to say, but it shouldn't be overlooked. The hat is hand knitted in Nepal in a Peruvian style, is 100% wool with a fleece lining and has ear flaps and plaited tails. It is warm, stylish, unique and cheap at only £7.99 from amazon.co.uk.

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