Different types of ski hats

There are many different types of ski hats available. You can buy ski hats in many different colours and styles ranging from practical hats for the serious skier to fashionable hats for skiers who want to ensure they look their best on the slopes.

Ski hats can be made from many different fabrics. The most common is fleece as it keeps the head warm which is necessary in freezing temperatures. In cold conditions the most heat is lost through the head so a ski hat is very important.

You can get ski hats that pull on and also ski hats with earflaps. Some ski hats will be made of polyester fabric which is usually waterproofed. Polyester ski hats are often slightly padded for warmth and may have fleece lining.

Ski hats may also be knitted, these too often have a fleece lining for extra protection against the cold.

Many ski hats are designed to look fun. They come in a variety of bright colours and patterns and may have tassels or bobbles sewn on.

The major ski wear manufacturers all produce ski hats.

(twoseasons.co.uk) offer a variety of ski hats from brands such as Billabong and Element.

(snowandrock.co.uk) stock their own brand ski wear including hats as well as other major brands such as Barts.

A hard ski helmet offers the best protection out on the slopes; a tight fitting beanie type ski hat can be worn under a helmet for comfort. Ski helmets are available for children, juniors, ladies and men. They come in many different colours and prices.

(skimania.co.uk) sell a range of ski helmets including other ski wear.

(outdoorgear4u.co.uk) sell ski helmets from brands such as Barts and Trespass.

With such a wide choice of different types of ski hats available there is bound to something that will suit everyone.

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