Where to buy a cheap ski coat

A ski coat, can be both practical and fashionable, and is certainly a must have item to have in your wardrobe through the winter months.

It is useful not only on the slopes but as a warm and waterproof coat for everyday wear.

In the shops

If you are going to be looking for a ski coat in the shops then there are a variety of different places that you can go.

During the winter months, all major sports shops such as JJB Sports, AllSports, and JD Sports among many others will have a large selection of ski coats in stock.

Usually they have a range of items from expensive designer makes to cheaper lesser know labels. The advantage of shopping on the high street for a ski coat is that you will be able to try them on to ensure the fit is just right.

The best time to find a bargain on these items is at the end of the winter season, when shops have end of season sales!



If you are looking for a cheap deal then the best prices can usually be found online. Also, if you are shopping outside of the winter months, it may be difficult to find many winter coats in shops.

There are a number of specialist ski wear online shops such as Ski Gear Heaven (skigearheaven.com), Altrec (altrec.com) and Sun and Ski sunandski.com). These have the biggest range availalble and have very competitive prices on the major brands.

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