What to Look For When Buying Ski Clothes for Kids

There is actually more choice than you would think when it comes to buying ski clothes for kids. In fact, some stores such as T.K Maxx and Sports Direct, sell kids skiing clothes all year round. Before you buy anything you will need to know what to look out for, this will ensure you get the most suitable clothes for your trip.

Believe it or not, one of the most important pieces of clothing is socks. Not only does a good pair of insulated ski socks protect your child's feet from the elements, they will also offer protection from their ski boots. Ensure your child's socks are not too thick, as this can actually cause discomfort. If you are buying boots, as well as ski clothes for your kids, then it will pay in the long run to seek professional help. Reputable outdoor sports specialist Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports will help you choose the perfect pair of ski boots for your child. If you do not have a shop near you, visit their website for a comprehensive guide on buying ski boots.

Thermal underwear is an absolute must and you should ensure you purchase a size that fits your child. It is tempting to buy a couple of sizes bigger so the underwear lasts longer but this defeats the object and will cause your child discomfort. You should purchase ski clothes for kids that will allow you to layer them up. For example, underwear, trousers, shirt, jumper and then either a ski jacket or an all-in-one snowsuit. Ski jackets are more suitable for older kids and should ideally be wind-proof as well as water-resistant. All-in-one snowsuits are ideal for keeping small children warm, and allow them to be covered from head to toe.

Essential accessories for your kids are gloves, ideally mittens if you can find them and again these should be water-proof. Ski goggles or sunglasses, depending on how old your child is and their level of skiing, will keep sun and snow out of the eyes.

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