Ski & Trek specialist ski wear

Ski & Trek specialist ski wear sell outdoor clothing and accessories exclusively for their customers. In addition they have a show room situated in the Ribble valley where customers can try on the products and make purchases.

Ski & Trek wear is a family run business which was founded in 2008.  As well as selling outdoor clothing their website also contains other helpful information which can assist you when preparing for your ski holiday. Visitors to the website and shop customers alike are encouraged to contribute to the ski and trek maps which can be found on the website. The Ski & Trek map contains details of favourite places to ski and trek.

(ski-trek.co.uk) is the home to the online site where you can browse the available stock and make purchases online.

Ski & Trek specialist ski wear stock a range of well-known outdoor all weather clothing for ski, trekking and snowboard enthusiast. They stock brands such as Craghoppers, Dare2b,Bloc, Helly Hansen and regatta. Many of the leading outdoor wear brands stocked by ski & trek also have their own websites where customers can browse and purchase items from the product range.

(Bloceyewear.com) sell a variety of eye wear for outdoor sports enthusiasts including golf, ski goggles and cycling eye wear.

(Craghoppers.com) Craghoppers sell outdoor clothing for both men and women.

For trekkers Ski & Trek sell items such as boots, socks, gaiters,walking poles and base layers clothing. For skiers they sell a variety of items such as ski goggles, jackets, gloves, ski fleeces and snow boots.

Ski & Trek specialist ski wear also have a range for snowboarders including snowboard jackets and trousers, snowboard socks and goggles amongst other items.

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