SJP sets up shop with Google

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the celebrity faces fronting a brand new initative from Google to launch its own dedicated fashion website, writes The Guardian.

The global search engine is preparing to enter the fashion industry with a site rumoured to be called Boutiques.com, which is planned for launch on Wednesday. Rather than selling its own clothes, the site will direct buyers to existing online fashion retailers like Net A Porter and ASOS, and also to special virtual shops for top designers including Oscar de la Renta.

With the fashion industry new estimated to be worth a staggering $500bn worldwide, it is a savvy move for Google. Even cleverer is the decision to invite major celebs to set up their own personalised shops on the site – so buyers can nip into Sarah Jessica Parker’s for a quick browse, before popping to Katie Holmes’ to pick up a few essentials. Who knows, next step could be Google on the catwalks of Milan – Google Couture evening dress, anyone? Hmmm…maybe not.

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