size 6 snow boots - for size 5 feet?

Size 6 snow boots can be got from a variety of sites. Before you buy anything, check that the manufacturer isn't advising you to buy a size bigger than you would ordinarily wear.

The winter time sees many women adding extra pairs of socks and they're thicker than the summer trainer liner variety and snow boots are generally already padded so, for comfort, many retailers will suggest that you buy snow boots in a size bigger than your own. If you're a size 6 in heels, get a size 7 in boots but if you're usually a size 5 then you're on the right track!

Sites like Amazon.co.uk are a good place to start as you'll get an idea of what's available nationwide and how much you can expect to spend. Items like snow boots will vary hugely in price but there's definitely a pair to suit every budget. Currently on Amazon you could buy a pair of Zima women's snow boots for £43.98 in a size 6 and these boots are made by Trespass which is well known brand for outdoor wear. This would be considered a mid price range for snow boots.

If you're on the hunt for a bargain then perhaps eBay is the site to look at. Here you have the option either to enter into an auction process for the item or simply to "buy it now" at a set price. When you're buying off this site, only shop with trusted sellers which are those with a high feedback rating and positive reviews. You can currently bid on silver knee length snow boots that are lined and padded. The bids are up to £10.50 and the postage costs are not included in that. There's trendy snow boots by Goldigga which are currently the subject of a bidding war and fur lined calf boots which are only £14.99 through the "buy it now" option so there really is something for everyone.

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