Sisley's urban chic 2013 holiday collection

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Italian fashion label Sisley has come up with an interesting capsule collection with a modern and urban chic look to take your through the holiday season in fashionable style.

Sisley’s 2013 Holiday collection for women is both bold, and unusually edgy with menswear inspired details for a dark and chic look.

There are unique outfit combinations to choose from, like skinny stretch cotton brocade pants in black and gold or black satin trousers that can be paired up with a hot looking all-black and glittery sequin jacket.

The pants can also be paired with a more masculine style blazer that is slim fitted and features a black and white floral print on the lapels, and the same stunning print is also found on a shirt with raglan sleeves that has leather inserts.

Sisley calls their tunic with a lace bodice and see-through black silk puffed sleeves and their waist-belted leather jeggings as a goth look, and we find it simply perfect for a fun night out.

The sexy and chic style of Sisley’s Holiday collection for women is embodied by a classic black tuxedo that has glam touch thanks to its glitter-effect side panels that can worn with a silk crêpe sleeveless boy style t-shirt.

No collection, even a capsule collection is ever complete if it doesn’t contain some sort of little black dress.

Sisley proposes a sleeveless and round neck bodycon dress that features leather inserts on the shoulders, and a metallic and sparkling lamé band on the hemline, for a dark but glam rock look that can take you through any type of party,

The Holiday collection look for men is also all about casual elegance with just the right touch of the metropolitan dandy.

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There’s a velvet tuxedo jacket in an original cobalt blue with coordinated waistcoat that Sisley has paired with light-colored jeans and there’s also the tailored jacket in wine-red with contrasting colored lapels, but if your man just isn’t into jackets and can’t give up his t-shirts, they also a mini collection of retro style t-shirts that feature neon signs and slogans.

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