Silly over Lily

Female celebs have a simple set of requirements for their red carpet number: the dress must be sexy, flattering, but quirky and edgy enough to attract the paps, who are usually sick of boring black. Monsoon and Coast (as much as they're a failsafe for summer weddings) just don't cut the sartorial mustard.

The dress that currently ticks all the boxes - taking over from Roland Mouret's Galaxy as the garment that celebs will descend to fisticuffs over - is Vivienne Westwood's 'Lily'. The Lily craze commenced when SJP wore the creation in the Sex and the City film and, after that like a veritable fashion avalanche, they were all at it: everyone's favourite Girl's Aloud fashion maven Nicola Roberts wore it in pale gold, as did Nigella, Sandra Bullock and the middle class icing on the cake, Emma Thompson.

All that remains is for Katie Price to get her grubby mits on it, and signal the end of the trend...

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