Style tips for short women

Are you sick of ill fitting clothes and outfits that swamp your petite frame? Our styling tips for short women will help you on your way to looking your best for all occasions. Fashion rules are made to be broken, but with a little knowledge you'll know how to experiment with styles which flatter.

1. Petite ranges are fantastic

One of the best ways to flatter a petite frame is to get clothes that fit well and don't sag or add unnecessary bulk to weigh you down. While not everyone has the means to hire a tailor, everyone can avail of the specially designed petite ranges in a number of high street stores. You'll find shorter hemlines, shoulders that sit right and sleeves that fit!

2. Say yes to heels and flats

When it comes to shoes, wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. While heels are the easiest way of adding a couple of extra inches and making you look longer and leaner, flats can look great on petite women if worn with the right hemline. Speaking of...

3. Get your hemline right

If they have thin legs, mini skirts and mini dresses can look fabulous on short women. However, if you're more curvy it's better to steer clear of short hems - they will finish at a wide part of your thigh and make your legs look wider rather than longer. Pencil skirts that finish just above the knee are mega-flattering for petites.

4. Keep your accessories in proportion

Oversize handbags or sunglasses can swamp short women.

5. Smarten up with a blazer or jacket

Blazers that finish at the hip look great on short women. Avoid anything too boxy.

6. Try V-shaped necklines

V-shaped necklines add the illusion of height. U-shaped necklines are equally flattering.

7. Don't shy way from bright colours or bold patterns

If the cut is right and they fit you well, you can get away with brights and bolds as well as anyone else!

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