Shopping with e-Friends

Shopping with friends is one of life’s great pleasures – they can be your trusted second opinion, coffee companion, and devil in your ear when you need a little help justifying that £3000 patent handbag.

And now that pleasure can be enjoyed with friends living on the other side of the world, as well as those next door. Brand new shopping site Motilo combines comparison site technology with a Skype-like programme that lets you browse, shop and build outfits from home whilst chatting about your choices to your friend in real-time.

Motilo's founder and ceo, Sofia Barattieri di San Pietro, told Vogue online: ‘Motilo makes it incredibly easy to shop from all of the best web stores at one time. You never need to leave the site while you're shopping or building your looks. We are trying to offer the most seamless shopping experience for an aggregator. I realised there was nowhere I could shop together online with my best friend Maysoune, and that's how Motilo began.’

Head to Motilo to start shopping now!

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