Shopping kills calories: fact

If you had to put a number on it, how much time per year would you say you spend shopping? A lot? Great! You're busting fat in the process.

A study by icecream maker SkinnyCow has shown that the average UK women makes 132 shopping trips a year. All that high street hip action equates to 159 hours and 56 minutes of 'walking at a fast pace.' Yes, when you're barging past others to get to the sales FIRST, not only are you doing your wardrobe a favour, you're shaving it off your hips too.

In fact the average female shopper burns 47,700 calories in a year: that's the equivalent to 25 day's worth of a women's daily intake of calories. 52% of the women polled in the survey also said that they felt more tired after the average shopping trip than a session at the gym. So next time your boyfriend gives you grief over your shopping habit, blast him with the facts!

Oh, and you know what we said about hitting the sales online...

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