Exciting shoes trends for spring summer 2015

If you love shoes and are wondering what’s coming up in the next seasons, take a look at powerful shoes trends for spring and summer in 2015. There are delightful movements on the runway that are quite enthralling completing a look or an outfit. Take a peek if you are planning your wardrobe and accessories.

Next year's forecasts

Spring and summer are going to be exciting seasons next year if you look at these trends on the runway. Expect the following styles and themes to emerge when talking of shoes trends for spring summer 2015:

  • Empowering the woman

Whether you are working in a predominantly male world or simply taking a break from all things feminine, unisex style shoes are going to be at the forefront of the fashion scene. Think of loafers, saddle shoes, brogues, oxfords and suede creepers that you can wear for both the office and informal events. Detailing will consist of tassels, straps and fringe tongues.

  • Fashion with a wide appeal

From north to south and east to west, you can check out the pretty styles of wide gladiator sandals, huarache, flats, jute wedges and flat shoes. They are great for the warmer months whilst going about your business whether working, on a holiday or relaxing at home.

  • Getting into shape

Who says that being sportive can cramp your sense of fashion? For years now, fashion designers have tried to glamourise everything that is associated with sports. Next season will be no different as sporty apparel is going to be fashionable and trendy. Think of trainers that are not only for physical activities, but also worn for comfort and a luxurious feel on your feet.

Festive styles

Lastly, another shoes trends for spring summer in 2015 is the party theme. These seasons remind us of hot nights and parties. You will find an array of metallic shoes such as gold, sliver or rose with or without heels. This is the part which screams; take a look at my outfit and my fabulous shoes.

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