Shoes snow or boots for the snow?

shoes snow and freezing temperatures doesn't really sound like a good mix! When the ice hits the pavements then it's time to pull on the thickest socks you can find and layer up with fur lined boots! Ugg boots are a popular choice for winter because they're lined with sheepskin which ensures you that your feet stay warm even when the rest of you isn't! The single drawback of Ugg boots for many people is the hefty price tag that's attached to them. The tall classic Ugg boot will set you back £220 and while some sites seem to be selling them much cheaper, there's no guarantee that they're the genuine article and if that's the case, the lining won't be sheepskin so the benefits won't be the same.

Bear paw are a brand favoured by TK Maxx and they have boots that look very similar to Uggs but will only cost you upwards of £39.99. These boots are exceptionally durable, warm and comfortable without breaking the bank so it's an all round winner!

If it's snow boots themselves that you are thinking of investing in, eBay is always a hot bed of bargains. Here you can buy snow boots by brands such as Roxy from as little as £11.99 if you're into bidding for your boots! If you just want to buy something quickly, snow boots start from £19.99 for a black, waterproof with a fur lining! Keep yourself safe online and only buy from trusted sellers with a high feedback rating!

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