Custom-made footwear at Shoes of Prey

Is the thought of designing your own shoes appealing? Have you always dreamt of the perfect iconic shoes? Shoes of Prey allow you to customise your very own fantasy shoes. Choose styles and designs that suit your taste. Pick the right colours and fabrics to give shoes your personal touch.

The concept

There is nothing simpler than the 3-step process at Shoes of Prey to have the most beautiful pair of shoes you have ever owned.
  • Step 1
Go to shoesofprey.com and choose from 12 different designs. Using the 3D Design of the company, you are able to design, choose the height and shape of your shoes. Visualise you future shoes to see how they will look like. You might have a thing for wedges, flats, killer heels or boots. This is the stage where you can put your creativity and imagination to work. Change the material, colour and style till you find the right combination that will satisfy you.
  • Step 2
Once you have designed or crafted your ideal shoes, it's time to put substance on the pair. Shoes of Prey offer 170 fabrics to choose from. Delight yourself with the softest leather or the sturdiest cotton all depending on your tastes and whims. Snake skin, fishskin, lace, leather, vegan, and hair are available to satisfy everyone. It's also possible to order samples. £12 will get you a palette of 5 shoe materials to make sure you have what you wanted.
  • Step 3
When every detail is decided, you simply have to hit the order button and your shoes will be ready in 4 weeks time. A bonus feature is you'll have 365 days to return your purchases and Shoes of Prey will remake them at no cost to you.

Home shoe shopping

Hence, if you're dreaming of owning a unique and one of a kind pair of shoes, Shoes of Prey is the place to go. An offer like this is not only extraordinary, it is a fantastic way to get your feet in shoes that fit and look superb the way you want them like in the olden days. Only this time, it is more convenient than going to the shoemakers for everything can be done from the comforts of your home.

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