About shoes and hiking boots


The two top quality names in the hiking boots market place are The North Face and Merrell. These names stand out above all others.


There are different types of hiking boots depending on the needs you have. For cross country walking, a light and durable fabric boot is sufficient whilst for mountain hiking a more hardened leather boot is probably preferable.

Of course, the piece of kit you choose could be just based on personal preference so there is no hard rule.


It is possible to find these brands at cheap prices but generally you should be looking to spend in the region of sixty to one hundred dollars.


Shoes hiking boots designed by Merrell are known for there strong workmanship and durability. On top of this, Merrell designed shoes are also quite stylish and can often be worn by people on the high street. In other words, they can be quite fashionable.

The North Face

The North Face products are more for the hardened pro. There is no messing with there highly durable and tough hiking boots.

Shopping, Where To Buy

Shoes hiking boots and all other hiking and terrain products can be found on the UK high street in shops like Millets or big department stores. Merrell can also be found in some ski shops.

Buy Online

The cheapest place to buy such products is online. Here you can find them for considerably cheaper on the high street and there is always offers or deals to be found.


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