How to buy shoes for baby

When you buy shoes for baby, a little care and attention can go a long way. First of all, babies don't communicate in the way you are used to. Baby's needs may not be met or she may be experiencing discomfort so unless you are attentive, you can miss this.

Ensure the right fit

Not too small

The right fit is important for comfort and usually, appearance. This is true for everyone and in particular, for babies, simply because they are more delicate. The baby's feet grows rapidly so there should be a little space to accommodate for it.

Not too large

However, don't allow too much space because that would be impractical too. For instance, she may lose a shoe without your knowledge.

Check the fit regularly

If she stands or walks in it, shoes that are too large or small may affect her learning to walk. Check how her shoes are fitting regularly so that you may get her a new pair once these wear out.

How old are the stocks?

If you are buying at clearance prices, be sure to check the condition of the shoes. Stocks that are too old often have components that will fall off after several uses.

If you can see yellow spots on the shoes, it is an indication of really old stock. It won't usually last more than a few uses and if the spots show on the outside, you really shouldn't buy them. This is nothing more than false economy.

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