Our guide to shirt and tie combinations

Most men have their favourite, tried-and-trusted shirt and tie combinations. Some guys play it safe while others like to experiment, and sometimes people get it very wrong! Shopping for shirts and ties can be a lengthy job. Here we look at some shirt and tie combinations and offer some tips for getting yours right.

For perfect shirt and tie combinations don’t go too bold or colourful. If you keep it simple you won’t go too far wrong. That might sound boring but there's actually a lot you can do with more traditional pieces.

If you have a job interview, it's definitely a good idea to play it safe. As a rule of thumb a tie should always be darker than the shirt. Coloured shirts are good but you need to consider what ties work and don’t work with that colour - colour clashes are an avoidable fashion mishap.

Another important thing to remember when tie shopping is the occasion. What looks great in one place may leave you looking silly, out of place and dressed inappropriately in another. That's why most men have several shirt and tie combinations in their wardrobe.

Ties with patterns can look great, but avoid them if you are wearing a patterned suit and/or shirt. Things can get messy if you are wearing too many patterns. Don’t assume because you buy them together they should be together. Many shops sell shirts and ties together and some of them look great together but some are a bit mismatched and might look better with other pieces.

Shirt and tie combinations can be tricky. That's why it's often a good idea to bring along a friend for a second pair of eyes and some neutral advice. If no one is available, play it safe with a tie darker than the shirt. Combinations can be expensive so it's worth taking your time to find something that you will feel happy in.

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