Shhh... it's all about librarian chic this summer

We've been feeling a little lost recently fashion-wise; now that we've finally emerged from the coldest, most bone chilling winter for decades, we need to find a spring look. Nautical feels tired and boring, the trend for palest nudes and pinks look gorgeous but don't go well with our messy eating habits. What to do?

According to Elle, it's simple; this season the only look to sport is librarian chic. Knowing your way around War and Peace, being aware that 'semiotics' isn't a wrinkle reducing treatment doesn't have to equal frumpy. The look has been championed for a while by Alexa Chung in her flippy school skirts, pie-frill collar shirts and pumps, or the ubiquitous yet still irresistible brogues. Contrasting preppy with cool, by wearing leather or denim jackets will always work, it's all about juxtaposition you see.

The geek fashionista's secret haven is the boys and girls school uniform section at John Lewis, where you'll find v-necks, frilly white socks to team with sandals, and cardigans with wooden buttons. Just don't get over excited and wear the whole lot at once...

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