She's no wannabe

Victoria Beckham has worked hard to establish her fashion label as a credible design house, despite early reservations from a large proportion of the fashion press. Now, with a British Fashion Award nomination under her (no doubt very stylish) belt, she can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy her well-earned status as head of a top international label. Or not...

It seems there are still some corners of the media that can't get their head around Victoria's successful career change from pop starlet to fashion designer. According to the Telegraph Victoria's good friend, and fellow designer, Roland Mouret was recently quizzed by a journalist about his involvement in the VB label to such an extent that he lost his cool and retorted:

'Oh my God, that question! Politicians, movie stars, it's always the first things they want to know and I'm like, why? Why would I want to design a collection for Victoria Beckham? Yes she is a friend and yes she asks for advice and yes I told her the name of a pattern cutter, but she has lots of friends she asks for advice - Marc Jacobs. I like to help people that's all.'

So there you go, doubters - there may be a lot of popstar fashion labels out there with questionable credentials (yes, N-Dubz, we're looking at you), but Victoria ain't one.

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