She's in fashion

We're beginning to suspect that Lady Gaga may not actually be one person, but a carefully cloned army of extraterrestrial super-beings intent on taking over the earth. How else can one woman balance so many projects on her spiky rubberised shoulders?

For those who still struggle with wearing white after labour day, or believe blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between, Gaga's sartorial choices may seem a little...out there. But like it or not her impact on current trends can be felt everywhere, and the editors of V magazine have decided that the Gagarella is so influential, they've given her a job as fashion writer.

Gaga will write a monthly column about fashion and art for the magazine, announcing the news on Twitter to her 'little monsters': 'I begin next month as a Fashion+Art Columnist for @Vgmagazine.' Her legions of fans will also get the chance to offer their skills by designing Gaga's headshot to accompany the articles. V magazine announced: 'We are asking all artists, creators and little monsters to submit illustrations of our new columnist dressed in her most studious ensemble.'

Juggling a pop career, a job as Creative Director of Polaroid, creating a fragrance AND writing a monthly column is certainly no mean feat. Mother Monster clearly works hard for the money.

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