Sheepskin lined boots are the way to keep warm this winter!

Sheepskin lined boots are the signature product of the Ugg Brand. Sheepskin keeps your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. The sheepskin moulds itself to your foot to provide exceptional comfort.

The replica Ugg boots don't use genuine sheepskin which defeats the purpose of actually having them! Ugg boots have graced the feet of almost every celebrity! This may explain the hefty price tag that many high street stores attach to them. The Ugg classic tall boots retail at around £220 but websites such as Uggbootsmadeinaustralia.com offer huge discounts on store prices. Here you can expect to pay £107.73 for a pair of tall classic Uggs in chestnut.

When buying from sites that you're not familiar with, it's always wise to protect yourself by keeping your bank details to yourself and use Paypal for all transactions. Ugg are not the only manufacturer of sheepskin lined boots even though they may be the best known brand. TK Maxx stock lined boots by Bear Paw for as little as £39.99. These boots are durable and exceptionally good value for money. There is very little difference in appearance between Ugg boots and the boots made by Bear Paw but the monetary saving is huge!

eBay is a good starting point when it comes to online shopping but this is a hot bed of sellers peddling counterfeit products so if it looks too good to be then maybe it is! Only buy from the trusted sellers which are those with high feedback scores and positive reviews from previous customers.

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