Seven Days of Style

So it’s Friday, and we find ourselves looking back at a week of fashion madness (yes, we’re talking to you Miss Australia) and pitch-perfect style triumphs. Who looked great? Who wore what? Who would benefit from a week in Fashion Room 101?

First up, we salute Diana Vickers who was spotted at Marc Jacobs’ fragrance launch wearing a dress by Julian J Smith. Julian recently won the Studio East award, which means he’ll be designing the uniforms for Westfield’s soon-to-exist Stratford shopping centre. His clothes have already been worn by Posh and Olivia Palermo so we expect to be seeing a LOT more of him in the future. Another shout out to Misha Barton who was snapped last night wearing a cut-away Miu Miu dress that not everyone can pull off. We think she looked great in it.

And finally we come to the fore mentioned Miss Australia, who took to the pageant stage wearing high-heeled Uggs (really), a sheepskin shrug and the most revolting skirt to grace our computer screen since…well, actually forever. Return to Oz, immediately.

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