Sending out an (A)SOS

There’s been a lot of talk about soaring cotton prices affecting the cost of clothes from high street retailers next season and, frankly, we’re scared. But a glimmer of hope has shone through from ASOS HQ today, as the online fashion store has announced it will not be passing on any increased costs to consumers.

The company has promised not to raise its prices, as many other stores are planning to do. According to the CEO Nick Robertson, this is because ASOS is growing at such a rate that its suppliers are keen to continue working with the brand, which can guarantee high order levels. In an article in the Yorkshire Post Robertson explains: ‘Because we're going back to our suppliers and increasing our orders by 50 per cent, we can negotiate hard on that basis’.

That all sounds like pretty tough business to us, but if it means we can get next season’s must-have aviator at bargain prices, we’re not complaining.

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