Pump it up with Selfridges shoes!

Flat shoes are very stylish and definitely comfortable for this time of year. Check out these fabulous flat shoes from the official Selfridges & Co. website www.selfridges.com. This is the ultimate go-to shop when looking for footwear from various designers.

Selfridges Co. showcases shoes from Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, Tory Burch, Sam Edelman, Lanvin and more. Take for example this Abigail pointed court shoes from Oasis. It comes in an elegant black colour and a kitten wedge heel. This gorgeous piece looks perfect with leggings, little black dresses or just ordinary jeans. It is great for casual or formal wear and you can have it for just £35. Another fantastic value footwear from Selfridges shoes are Reva pumps from Tory Burch, which comes in light and dark brown. These are classic favourite pumps with embossed croc details. Grab a pair for just £205.

However, if you are in the mood to sport a pair of flat boots, a Jil Sander black Igor riding boots is available at Selfridges shoes as well. This pair is absolutely to die for. It is made from really smooth leather, which gives it that simple but classic finish and is available in sizes 4, 6, 7 and 8. It can give you a hot biker look or an elegant businesswoman. Match it with almost anything. It is all yours for £645. It may be a bit pricey but it is definitely a good investment.

There is so much more in store for whatever it is that you’re looking for. Hit the nearest Selfridges Co. store and have fun shopping!

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