What To Know About Buying Second Hand Ski Wear

Ski gear required before you go skiing includes a ski jacket, snow pants, goggles, ski boots, skis and ski poles. While any jacket will do and you can use snow pants or warm pants that you already have in your closet, the ski boots, skis and ski poles will need to be purchased separately for the sport. Buying all this ski gear can become expensive, but second hand ski wear is a good and economical alternative to buying new.

Second hand ski wear can normally be purchased at any sporting good store that sells used goods. Many ski shops also have departments where used skis are sold. You can also check garage sales and thrift shops for the best possible deals.

When you buy skis second hand, the blades of the skis can usually be sharpened. This means if you can find a pair of skis that appear to be in reasonably good condition, you can probably use them with just a little inexpensive sharpening.

Second hand boots can be a little harder to buy. The boots must fit you perfectly to provide the proper support while skiing in order to avoid a painful and potential dangerous experience. The boots also need to fit into the bindings of the skis, but most ski shops can replace bindings on second hand boots in order to make them fit.

Ski poles are sized based on your height. You should be able to hold your arms out in front of you and have the ski poles comfortably rest on the floor so that you will be able to use them when skiing.

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