Make an impression on a budget with second hand fancy dress this Halloween

While summer is sadly officially over and the Autumn leaves are falling, there are still plenty of things to look forward to. The next event on our social calendar will be Halloween, a fantastic opportunity to really use your imagination when it comes to your personal style, and think outside the box to make a lasting impression at that Halloween party.

Many of the ‘official’ party outfits available in fancy dress shops have a pretty steep price tag attached, but the good news is that if you are on a budget that doesn’t mean you may have to sacrifice your Halloween party outfit! Many of the best costumes created are done with a little flair and imagination by putting together the right pieces and clever accessorising.

Your first port of call should be second hand shops for fancy dress this party season. Second hand shops, charity shops that litter every high street and vintage boutiques can be fantastic spots to pick up that extra special item that will cause heads to turn (or even roll!) on Halloween eve.

Successful second hand shopping is all about using your imagination. Find an old sequinned blazer in the corner of a second hand shop and a dusty old top hat in the men’s section? Try teaming with some shorts, heels, a t-shirt and whip – along with some ‘bloody’ facial injuries with the aid of your trusty lipstick! – to produce an original circus master’s costume!

There are some great websites which can spur on your imagination and help you concoct the perfect fancy dress outfit. Ebay (www.ebay.co.uk) should prove a great source of second hand party wear and can be cheap as chips if you bid successfully and quickly. Of course, your local Oxfam will be a must – www.oxfam.co.uk - with the added benefit of supporting a good cause. Discounted fancy dress outfits are available on the Let’s Have a Party website – www.let-have-a-party.co.uk. Happy hunting!

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