Sebastian Errazuriz creates 12 dazzling shoe sculptures for his 12 exes

Some people write memoirs or blogs about love, sex and relationships which also includes dissing exes, but New York-based Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz decided to explore his own personal and sexual experiences, by immortalizing them in 12 3D-printed shoe sculptures.

12 Shoes for 12 Lovers is an exhibition of Errazuriz’s relationships with his exes, and shoes are the unusual and very unique medium in which he chose to describe his stories.

Working with Brazilian shoe brand Melissa, Errázuriz ‘s collection of sculptures are on display at Art Basel Miami December 6 through January 6.

Each pair of shoes is accompanied by personal photos and the intimate stories of the women that Errazuriz bedded, but the original names of the women have been replaced to protect their identity.

“When I started this process I never imagined where it would end up, it’s been infinitely more complex, revealing and difficult than I thought,” explained Errazuriz on his blog.

Speaking to StyleCaster, he explained why he chose shoes, “Girls tend to be very specific about shoes in general. There’s something that goes beyond other garment — it’s almost this fetishist object. Women have a tiny weak point in their fascination with shoes, so it seemed like a fun point to incorporate a playful fun homage to each one of them.”

The 12 names of the shoes go from the Ice Queen: Sophie, the Heart Breaker: Laura, “Jetsetter”: Jessica, “Honey”: Natasha, the Cry Baby: Alexandra, the Rock: Alice, the Ghost: Valentina, GI Jane: Barbara, The Boss: Rachel, The Virgin: Anna, The Hot Bitch: Caroline to The Honey: Honey.

PHOTO GALLERY: Sebastian Errazuriz creates 12 dazzling shoe sculptures for his 12 exes

Take for example The Virgin: Anna. Errazuriz thought up a pure white wedge that features the Virgin Mary on the shoe's heels, and the artist describes his encounter with Anna - who loses her virginity in their sexual encounter - with the following text:

When we stopped fu**ing I said to Anna – “ aah, good right?” She turned on the shower and answered skeptical – “ehm, yeah, I don’t know, first time“. I could almost swear I heard her praying Hail Mary over the sound of the shower. Last I heard of her Francisco told me she was considering becoming an Opus Dei nun … I’m sure I sucked, but a nun? That’s a bit drastic.

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