Say Guten Tag to Oktoberfest with Heidi fancy dress

There are never enough reasons to attend costume parties. October is now fast approaching and you know exactly what that means. It is almost time for Oktoberfest or the annual Bavarian beer festival. You do not have to travel all the way to Munich to be a part of the celebration. There are now various parties here in the UK that commemorate the event. It is as fun too!

What better outfit to wear than a Heidi Fancy Dress. You will definitely feel like a true Bavarian. Heidi fancy dresses are also perfect for movie-themed fancy dress parties. You can actually wear them at any fancy dress costume party. Without a shadow of doubt, this dress will definitely exude your feminine side.

You can get a dainty yet sexy Heidi fancy dress at www.joke.co.uk. It comes with a red skirt that sits above the knee, a sheer white blouse and a black corset. The site also has a variety of Heidi fancy dresses like the beer maid costume that retails for £61.49.

At www.partyon-line.co.uk they have the classic Bavarian Heidi costume that comes in black, red and white. It costs £33.00 and is also available in plus sizes. This site also offers the braided ditch girl wig that comes in blonde and black this retails for £9.99. You can also get the knee-high white stockings to complete your look.

If you want a wide range of Heidi costumes, you can visit www.fancydress-costumes.co.uk . Be mesmerized with their variety of beer maid costumes. There is absolutely something for everyone; it has long skirts for the conservative and mini skirts and shorts for the more adventurous.

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