Salomon ski jackets for men

Salomon ski jackets for men can be found in many retailers and all over the internet. This comes down to the fact that they loved by snowboarders and skiers all around the world. Salomon have been making these jackets for years so you can expect the very best.

Salomon's 3 in 1 jackets are the most popular jackets for men that they supply. This comes down to the fact that it covers just about everything in three layers.

With climaPRO waterproof breathable soft shell taking care of the wet, motionStorm hood with fleece lining, zip hand-warmer pockets and fleece backing taking care of the cold, all elements are covered. The inner jacket is lightweight and can be removed for warmer days. Three jackets in one!

We recommend the Salomon Snowtrip II Soft Shell Jacket - 3in1. this is the perfect jacket for warm, wet or cold and we have managed to find it for only $190! This jacket retails at $290 so that's a huge saving of $100.

We have priced it in dollars because it is much cheaper to by from a Canadian or US website when it comes to Salomon gear. Hit up the Shop Bot (http://www.shopbot.ca) website and see for yourself, even with delivery it is a lot cheaper.

There are also lots of other great ways to get your Salomon jacket for cheap. It's always worth checking Amazon and eBay(http://www.ebay.co.uk) to see if you can get a deal on some second hand gear.

If you were looking for savings on Salomon ski jackets for men then you have got them! Check out Shop Bot or even eBay and you will save a mint on these great jackets.


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