Runway runaway

It's not exactly model behaviour but then she might have been running away from the Big Bad Wolf: Estella Warren was recently arrested by cops in Los Angeles following an incident where the former Chanel spokeswoman was spotted driving under the influence, Vogue UK tells us.

The star of Chanel's Red Riding Hood campaign, which saw Ms. Warren don the trademark crimson hood of the fairytale heroine and pose underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, attempted to escape arrest by breaking free of her restraints and trying to evade officers in the station where she was brought to.

'Warren hit three parked cars in what was considered three separate collisions,' a rep for the LA Sheriff's Department told People.'

'Someone local heard the noise and called the police. She was uncooperative and demanding. She removed her handcuffs and fled the police station. She was then captured and transported back.'

The Planet of the Apes star and co-singer in Eminem's 'I Need a Doctor' music video has been posted on bail to the tune of $100k.

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