Royal Refusal

A request to feature on the cover of U.S Vogue magazine would have most people screaming ‘yes,yes,yes!’ but it seems that the magazine’s formidable editor in chief, Anna Wintour, is having difficulties securing an affirmative answer from our beloved Duchess of Cambridge.

61-year-old Wintour, unaccustomed to being refused, has turned to photographer Mario Testino for help in persuading the Royals, the daily mail reports. It’s a tactical move since Testino has several connections with Middleton’s new family; not only did he take the Royal couple’s official engagement photographs last November, but he was one of Princess Diana’s favourites and has been affiliated with Prince William for many a year. A source revealed Wintour’s insistent pleas to the New York Post: 'Anna has been speaking to Mario about winning over Kate. She is really pressing him to shoot Kate for the cover.'

Even Testino’s royal connections are no guarantee that Wintour will get her way. The trendsetting Duchess, who has been revered by the fashion world since her engagement last year, has already been reported to decline an offer to star on the cover of the British Vogue. Another source said: 'Every magazine has been trying to get Kate, and many assume it will eventually be Vogue. But even with the Mario Testino relationship, it is not clear when this will happen. The Palace must approve it, and they are very protective of Kate.'

The notoriously hard to please Wintour seems truly besotted with the 29-year-old Royal, exclaiming: ‘There’s nothing trashy or vulgar about her. She dresses her age and never looks out of place.' Let’s hope that Testino can work his magic on those Royals!

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