Roxy snow boot - what you need to know



Roxy is an offshoot of American surf brand Quiksilver, and was started back in 1990 as an exclusive range for women. Whilst female surfers had been doing well in the water at this time, they weren't as well known as their male counterparts. However this was not a problem; the range of surf clothing took off and by 1994 the Roxy pro team welcomed its first member, ASP Female World Champion Lisa Andersen, who went on to hold a further three world titles. The range of products designed by Roxy increased with the years until the snow range was added in 1997. With this came Roxy's pro snow team, and the Roxy brand has been growing ever since.


Roxy snow boots


Roxy consistently design feminine and funky clothes and accessories, and their snow boots are no exception. It should be difficult to design a snow boot which looks feminine, but Roxy snow boots make it look effortless with bright colours and eye catching patterns. This is achieved without compromising the comfort or safety of the boots, with a supportive leg, thick lining and highly water resistant finish. The fabric the boots are made from is designed to cut the wind chill factor, ensuring that the women who wear them don't have to worry about cold or wet feet when they are on the go all day.


Where to get them


Roxy snow boots can be bought from a number of retailers. SoYouShoes (www.soyoushoes.co.uk) stock them and also currently offer free delivery on all orders within the UK. Shore (www.shore.co.uk) also sell Roxy snow boots and currently have the Roxy Terry snow boot in their sale.

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