Rodarte talk tutus

New York fashion design duo Rodarte have created the costumes for Natalie Portman’s new film, Black Swan, explaining that it seemed like a natural choice for them, writes Vogue.

In the interview for New York Magazine the sisters explain about the lost art of tutu-making, and their own response to the project: ‘I think our aesthetic naturally fits into the film and I think it was an interesting thing to have someone say, 'Help us say this thing.' It didn't feel difficult at all. It was very natural. It was one of the most exciting things for us to do because the end project was breathtaking.’

‘Building a tutu is one of the lost couture arts’ they continue. ‘They're worn over time and they're ruined and they have slits and eyes in different spots, so they're never actually perfect, but from afar, when you're in the audience, it looks like one of the most beautiful things in the world. So our job then was to create tutus that were beautiful, but then they had to function completely. A tutu is thirteen layers of tulle sticking straight out and then it's over the body, so you can imagine. It's crazy!’

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