Rocket Dog boots - what you need to know

Rocket Dog


The Rocket Dog brand began in 1997 in California, the brainchild of two men with much experience working with footwear. The name of the brand was inspired by a dog called Max, the pet of one of the founders, a very energetic dog who was never still for long. And so Rocket Dog was born.The brand grew from its humble origins to become known worldwide, and the US based brand has become very popular throughout Europe.


Rocket Dog boots


The Rocket Dog range is designed to reflect the chilled out lifestyle of California where the brand originated. The designs incorporate elements of surf and street style to produce a range of footwear which is quite unique. As well as boots, the full range of Rocket Dog footwear covers trainers, sandals, pumps and heels. The range of Rocket Dog boots includes designs made from fabric, suede, leather and faux sheepskin, in a range of colours and patterns. The range includes ankle length boots, calf length and knee length, with high heeled and wedge designs sitting alongside the flats.


Where to get them


Rocket Dog boots are available from a number of retailers, both online and instore. The Rocket Dog website (www.rocketdog.co.uk) currently offers free delivery on all orders, with the current Autumn 2011 range costing from £44.99 to £89.99. Schuh also stocks Rocket Dog footwear, both in its high street branches and via the website (www.schuh.co.uk). Other retailers include Office (www.office.co.uk), Nucleus (www.nucleus-online.com) and Cloggs (www.cloggs.co.uk).

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