Rock and roll with a sexy punk fancy dress!

Halloween is coming up and so is the pressure of preparing the perfect party costume. Feeling that Avril Lavigne and Amy Winehouse gothic punk vibe? Shop online now for a cute punk fancy dress. You don’t want to look all slimy and grimy because you can choose to be a sexy rocker this Halloween.

Take a look at this red tartan zipper dress from Hell Bunny at www.sohos.co.uk. It looks great with or without the petticoat and costs £38.99. Pair it with a pair of studded boots or killer heels and you’re good to go. However, if you want to look less trashy and more sophisticated, check out the Hell Bunny Harley polka dot dress made from spandex. It is a total body hugger, which shows off your figure and the fabric is light enough for parties and night outs. It comes in black with white polka dots all over it. This sexy punk dress is quite a bargain for £28.99. Go to your nearest Soho’s shop and find more accessories for your chosen costume.

There’s more from www.kinkyangel.co.uk. This is your go to shop for everything that is punk and gothic. Look into their dresses and you will find this Bad Reputation skull strapless mini dress from Folter clothing. This is a super sexy dress with red skulls print and the sides are made of black fishnet. It is not just a daring Halloween costume but a kinky outfit in bed as well. This is available for just £24.99.

Whether you want to wear a punk fancy dress to a Halloween costume party or just your chosen style, don’t hesitate to show the world that you’ve got an eye for sexy fashion.

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