Roberto Cavalli Woman's pre-collection Fall-Winter 2014-2015

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Curious to know what will the Roberto Cavalli women look like in the Fall – Winter 2014-2015 collection? Which will be the dominant trends in the Tuscan designer's upcoming cold season?

We are looking forward to Roberto Cavalli's runaway show at the Milan Fashion Week next February, especially after the teaser video of the Menswear Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection. In the meantime, enjoy some tasty treat that the Tuscan fashion brand has included in its women's pre-collection for the upcoming cold season.

The women pre-collection by Roberto Cavalli for the autumn-winter 2014-2015 is dedicated to the world of nature, with the unmissable animal prints, protagonists of the spring-summer season 2014, re-elaborated by the designer for the cold season through innovative colour choices. For a collection where the craftsmanship and techniques used for the construction of the garments give a sense of prestige to any creation.

The leopard print has become optical, pleated and folded, broken by lines or streaks in smoke, tobacco, or black and white. The zebra print here is reproposed fragmentated into pixels, while the tiger print takes on shades of smoke, in gray and natural tones.

Also present in the upcoming Women Fall – Winter 2014-2015 collection are the evergreen floral prints, a must have that is here re-elaborated here in a psychedelic key, with contrast of ruby, sapphire and emerald recalling exotic motives to the mind. Shapes are asymmetric and sensual, wrapping up and caressing the female women's bodies giving a very feminine and attractive touch, while the coats and sweaters become soft and cosy.

PHOTO GALLERY Roberto Cavalli Woman's pre-collection Fall-Winter 2014-2015

The materials are featherlight silks, compact wools, cashmere, alpaca jacquard, brocade, fur, leather, shearling, and much more, all embellished with accessories such as jewelled mythological animals on belts, shoes with studs or sculptured of snakes on the heels.

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