Robbie Williams: Fashion Range out this Autumn

It seems something of a rite of passage for popstars to branch out from their music careers into the world of fashion somewhere along the line and Robbie Williams is the next singer to take the sartorial plunge.

This September the singer is set to follow in the footsteps of other 90’s popstars Noel Gallagher and Victoria Beckham as he launches his own fashion range of mid-priced clothing. The range, called ‘Farell’ after Robbie’s grandfather Jack Farrell, is aimed at men aged between 20 and 50 who like ‘a bit of snap in their clothing’.

Unlike Gallagher’s distinctly Moddy ‘Pretty Green’ label William’s collection will not copy his own wardrobe exactly but, according to a spokesman, will be a ‘fusion between casual and formal. It is based on how Robbie wears his clothes’. Needless to say the range will include a flat cap.

Talking to the guardian, editor of the Esquire Alex Bilmes said: ‘I would totally wear it. I am from the same generation and I grew up liking the same things – pop music, football and clobber. Robbie follows fashion in subtle ways like the rest of us, he's got his ankles out now and his jackets are a bit boxier than they were a few years ago.’

The Farrell range will be available to buy from House of Fraser department stores from the autumn.

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