Ripped jeans: a DIY fashion guide

Ripped jeans have been in fashion for generations now, and as much as it is possible to buy pre-ripped jeans in many high street and designer stores, ripped jeans are definitely a great DIY trend. Find out how to rip jeans at home.

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If you have a fav pair of jeans, please do not try ripping that one straight away! It would be best to first try out your skills on a pair of jeans you don't really wear much, or pick a cheap pair up in a charity shop or second hand exchange. In this way, you can make sure you know what you are doing when you approach your good pair of jeans for some fashionable renovation.

Put the jeans on and select an area of the jeans where you want the tears, rips or holes to be. Mark the area with a pen or chalk while you are still wearing the jeans. What are you aiming for? If you want to remove areas of the legs, creating big holes, just cut using a scissor or knife. For small holes, prick through with the tip or the scissors or knife.

If you want the denim to look genuinely torn, as if it would look when the rip is an actual result of use and abuse, don't get cut through it with scissors. Instead, distress the area of choice using a pumice stone sandpaper or steel wool, remembering to put a small bit of wood or cardboard in the jean's leg, so not to affect the back of it.

For an extra worn look, wash the jeans in hot water with a little bit of blach added. Let them dry, then repeat as many times as needed.

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