A guide to Rip Curl ski jackets

Rip Curl have combined form and function to make a range of stylish ski jackets that also protect you from the elements.

The Rip Curl Metro snow jacket is one of the cheaper options available, as it currently costs just £56.50 from shore.co.uk. But despite being relatively inexpensive it's still packed with the sort of features that any avid snow sports enthusiast looks for. For example it has a pocket for an MP3 player, a pocket for your goggles, a removable hood, mesh armpit vents and a high thermal rating. If there are any downsides it's that the jacket is a bit bulkier than many of Rip Curls others, and arguably less stylish, but it's unbeatable for the price.

The Rip Curl Janted ski jacket is slightly more expensive, with a current price of £67.50 from shore.co.uk, but it's also less bulky and has even more features. For example, as well as the goggle and MP3 player pockets from the Metro jacket it also has a pocket for your lift pass and mesh backed vents in several important areas. As you'd expect from a ski jacket it is also waterproof and breathable.

The Rip Curl Red Check Grid jacket is even more expensive, at £80 from debenhams.com. Feature wise it is more or less comparable to the Rip Curl Janted jacket, but it is by far the most stylish of the three, with faded red checks making it look almost like a shirt. For a combination of style and technology this is one of the best Rip Curl ski jackets you'll find for under £100.

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