Rihanna Fashion Icon of the Year

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The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) announced yesterday that pop diva Rihanna has been chosen as the recipient of the 2014 CFDA Fashion Icon Award.

The stylish singer will be presented with the honour on June 2 at Lincoln Center in New York City. The same honour has been accorded in the past to ultimate style icon Kate Moss and fashion rebel Lady Gaga.

CEO Steven Kolb said in a statement: ‘We are proud to present Rihanna with the CFDA Fashion Icon Award for her impact on the industry as fashion’s most exciting ambassador in recent memory.’

Recently Rihanna's reputation in the fashion world has been strengthening: Karl Lagerfeld reportedly flew her over to Paris and Dallas just to make sure she sat front row at the Chanel's fashion shows there, and the 26-year-old beauty is also currently star of the Balmain Spring 2014 campaign.

But the Fashion Icon Award is very much an appreciation of RiRi personal style, a combination of streetwear and high couture, always cutting-edge and trend-setting. Behind the winning style are two main figures: stylist Mel Ottenberg and costume designer Adam Selman.

Mel Ottenberg is a very well known and revered figure in the fashion industry: in the past he has collaborated with magazines such as Details, Purple and Vogue Hommes International.

When British label River Island asked the pop star to create limited editions collections of her own designs, Rihanna enlisted Selman as creative director, thus helping him gaining notoriety in the industry.

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The CFDA award is usually assigned to someone whose style has made an impact on pop culture around the world. In RiRi's case, it is not only for her contribution to the industry but also for her philanthropic collaboration with the MAC AIDS Fund's Viva Glam campaign.

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