Revisit the Mod era in a men's Parka coat

The men's Parka coat began its life as a fashion statement by being a purely practical piece of attire. The 1960s Mods who prided themselves on their sharp appearance also had to endure cold breezes on their scooter rides down to Brighton, so the Parka became a sensible way to keep warm and preserve the pristine Italian threads. After all, the self-respecting Mod had to look sharp when being arrested for loitering on the seafront.

Revisit those classic 60s days at rokit.co.uk, where they stock an authentic cold weather military Parka for £120. A classical-style Helix Parka is on offer at atomretro.com for £34.99.

The Mod revival in the late 70s was spearheaded by bands like Secret Affair and Merton Parkas who rebelled against the deliberate slobbishness of punk, and revived the sharp suits and Parkas of the original Mods. You can find some vintage 70s Mod Parkas on ebay (ebay.co.uk), brought down from the attic and auctioned off, along with that scratched vinyl copy of This Is The Modern World.

The Parka returned to the spotlight in the late 90s when modelled by Liam Gallagher of Oasis, a man in thrall to the 60s and 70s. By now Parkas were looking a little more glamorous, pitched somewhere between a hoodie and a fur coat.

Most of the examples of the men's Parka coat in the high streets this winter might actually be making a return to its origins as a protective military coat, designed to keep you warm in extreme temperatures. Whether you accessorise with fishtails or a target on the back, in the end, it's a sensible winter coat.

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