Watch out for replica Christian Louboutin shoes in the UK!

We would all love nothing more than to be able to afford all the latest designer fashions all the time, but given the way the United Kingdom's economy is at the moment, it's not surprising that that's a treat reserved for only the most wealthy among the population.

However there are still plenty of women out there who like to save as much as they can before treating themselves to a nice high fashion gift towards the end of the year. No matter what kind of fashion you're into, this is always a particularly exciting time as you check all the various online websites in the hope of finding that special something that not only looks great, but that you can afford with the money you have been putting aside.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always end well for everyone. While the internet is certainly a great resource for finding great deals, you need to be very wary. We have been receiving plenty of reports of poor quality replica Christian Louboutin shoes in the UK, so you need to be very careful where you buy your shoes if you are a fan of the designer.

Rather than risking purchases on eBay or other similar sites, we recommend that you go direct to Louboutin's official website, which you can find at ChristianLouboutin.com or take a look at the official retailers of his designs which can be found at many places across the United Kingdom including the following places;

  • Christian Louboutin, 23 Motcomb Street, London, SW1 X8LB
  • Harvey Nicholls, 1st Floor, 109-125 Knightsbridge, London, SW1 X7RJ
  • Cricket, 9 Carven Walks, Matthew Street, Liverpool, L26RE

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